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The Rockaway Park homepage was built by Danny Wilson at Kushty.net who offers web design and hosting solutions. From single page web pages aimed at displaying company information and contact details to fully interactive content management systems (CMS) which give complete control of the content to the owner of the website.

Simple pages can be offered as a lower budget solution for companies seeking an online presence that does not need regular updates such as newsfeeds and regular gallery updates. The page can contain all contact details, web forms and information that must be easily available to all your customers. This service can be offered for as little as 100 with domain name and hosting included and the website will be fully designed and customized to meet the users needs.

Content Management Systems cover systems like wordpress, blogspot and ecommerce platforms capable of managing large websites with regularly updating content. The site owner will have complete control from home or work with access to an easy to use editor that requires no knowledge of web design to use. A basic entry level site like this will cost about 170 with a customized theme to suit your corporate image.

Starting Prices cover the fees of hosting and domain name for two years and also the time to set up and customize the page to your needs.

Advanced sites that require a fully customized corporate image and online presence that really stand out from the crowd require a lot more work and will be charged either by a daily or weekly fee. This also includes sites that must fulfill specialist functions that may have not be covered above. Normally I would charge 70 per day or 350 for a full week of this type of work. I will stay in touch with the client for the full duration of the project and make sure all needs are met no matter how abstract, obscure or specific until you are fully satisfied with the finished product!

If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch as I will be happy to discuss any projects.


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